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Annual Benchmarking Survey

The AABH annual benchmarking survey: measuring performance goals

Overview & Benefits

Many professionals in the behavioral health industry are concerned about their performance as it compares to others providing similar programs. With the help of the annual AABH benchmarking survey, you can share your program details and see similarities and/or differences in a detailed report. Survey data is broken into three categories when possible: PHPs, IOPs and Combined Programs. The reports are descriptive in nature, and no interpretation of the data is included. This unique survey captures critical information to help you during reviews by payers and regulatory agencies.

Why Should I Participate?

This benchmarking survey is a peer-based data comparison. As more peers participate, comparisons prove to be much more accurate, valid and credible. Program specific data is not shared in reporting, so your data is known only to you when compared to all programs that participate.​​

Data Submission

A complete packet of survey questions  are emailed to all members 60 days prior to the deadline for data collection, giving ample time to collect information necessary for the online survey—open for 30 days (usually the full month of May). Data collection tools are also sent via email to members each year, for those who prefer to collect their data monthly. Many find this to be a more effiicent way to compile the annual data needed for submission.

Survey Reports

The benchmarking surveys allow AABH to produce three reports:

  1. Highlight Report – Key findings; presented each year at the AABH Annual Training Conference. The report is then published on the website for all to view.

  2. Full Report– Critical answers to all survey questions, providing a thorough overview of program performance; available to all members of AABH. The report is emailed to every program that participated in the survey.

  3. Program Report Cards – Each program submitting data will receive a report card. The report will exhibit compares to others programs that participated in the survey and then compared to a peer group (PHP, IOP, or Combined Program)

Fees & Eligibility

All AABH members are eligible to participate in the Annual Benchmarking Survey at no additional cost— this survey is a member benefit. The highlight report is free to all participants and is posted annually here on the website in the Member’s section. Those members at the Program and System level of membership receive the full report and program report cards at no cost upon participation of the survey. Non-members can request a copy of the full report for $595 per report.

Survey Details

The Annual Benchmarking Survey consists of multiple questions in six core areas: Programming, Admission & Referrals, Diagnoses, Staffing, Revenue and Outcomes.