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At the Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare, we have a dedicated information-sharing network (AABH Listserve) for programs to address mutual programmatic and administrative challenges. In addition, we know the importance of nationally benchmarking data on critical organizational and performance metrics in order to create opportunities to participate in a provider-generated client satisfaction tool that captures unique treatment goals and experiences that foster recovery and resiliency.

We also have a cutting-edge revision of the AABH Standards and Guidelines for PHP and IOP which is frequently referenced by both CMS and the Joint Commission and available for PHP/IOP Medicare-related consultations. On top of that, we offer webinars focusing on best practices and developments in the field.

Our advocates are active in Washington, DC and have a continued dialogue with CMS regarding PHP/IOP levels of care, regulations, and reimbursement. Our members can also look forward to an annual national conference that offers presentations by behavioral health industry experts critical to the success of our clients’ programs.

Member Benefits

All benefits are attributed to a site. Individuals connected to that site and any programs located at that site benefit from membership for that site. All Benefits are applied at for each of your sites. A site is defined as a location with a separate address. Membership registration forms identify supported membership by that location. Benefits include:

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